Bits and pieces…

…middle of the night…and no internet since last evening. At least no access to servers outside Viet Nam…

The “funny” thing is I went to bed tonight at 8pm…but could not sleep, so sipped away on Cuba Libre and watched TV. Still sipping and still watching HBO…and nibbling on those little meat packages that I showed you a picture of yesterday. They are fiercely HOT! And make me “sip” a little bit more.

Anyway, my last days in Saigon are not exactly as expected. No night life till the early hours with booze, broads and the rest…this is what happens to you when you start looking more and more like Karl Lagerfeld. When the mirror tells you you should hide more and more of your body parts, maybe even start using shirts with collars that hide your neck and the skin on your throat completely ?! Well, OK, I am not quite there yet but I guess you know what I mean :)

So, I am not into “finding a Vietnamese woman”, despite that so many Vietnamese women and men I met on my trip wanted to help me in this endeavour. And I am going out to meet and to talk to interesting people and have some good food. Not to “bars” where the aim is to get drunk and maybe find a victim of some kind.

Last night e.g. I started with some beers and a snack I wish I would have back home: chopped up dried squid with a special chilli sauce. Not cheap (50,000 Dong a go) – but it will give you hours of pleasure:

Do not underestimate the power of the chilli sauce and the rewarding satisfaction you feel in your mouth when chewing the dried squid that gently and slowly releases its taste…

That was just a starter (that I “doggy-bagged” to take home after finishing my 2 beers).  Next thing I found myself in a street restaurant around the corners…and choice became more difficult. I had focused on three things as a starter and needed to make up my mind: crocodile ribs, beef penis and chicken testicles. “Chicken testicles” I had never sampled before, but when I contemplated my choices I felt that the the chicken balls might be a rather minuscule food portion…”beef penis”, as they called it, I have eaten before in Asia (as well as the “balls” of the freshly killed bulls in some Southern French “arena”) so: the baby crocodile ribs were my choice.

Can I swear that these were really baby crocodile ribs? I cannot, never having caught, killed or dissected a crocodile. But they sure tasted like it – comparing the taste with alligator meat that I have been eating in Florida, there was a subtle but still existing difference…—————————————————–

Somehow this was to be released yesterday…but then the internet stopped…

Today is a completely different ball game…and my last night in Vietnam for that matter. I qent through some last minute pressure purchases and found out some unpleasant facts about my surplus of Vietnamese Dong…and so on.

Anyway, I have decided to spend a million or two on dinner tonight, to conclude my trip with the best food the country has to offer. There is nothing like fond memories, is there? :)

But I am torn between “Bobby Chinn”, the Vietnamese-Pacific fusion king, “Quang Nuong”, BBQ on top of a Hindu temple and Song Ngu, the seafood place.

Or maybe, I just bail out completely and conclude my trip with food from the hawkers on the streets around my hotel.

In any case I am doomed. Today I realised that I still hold 15 million Dong in cash. And tomorrow morning I will leave the country. So I went to some banks to re-change my Dong to USD. OK, 15 mil. is about 750$. The banks told me: no change from Dong to Dollar! Sorry!

Really nice :) So, what to do? Have an orgy, using all the dong :) ? I even arrived at buying a smart phone like the Samsung Galaxy 3 (32GB) for 14,000,000 Dong. But then: what to do with it and for what to use it?

OK, I heard that you can change dong to $ at the airport when leaving. That’s what I will do then. Probably with a heavy loss – but then it was all my fault anyway. I just had assumed I would be spending much more money in Vietnam than I actually did. So, let them screw me on the exchange rate, lesson learned and accepted, and I will cope with that by spending less in Thailand :)

La vie en rose!













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