Back in Thailand…

My first (half) day in Thailand after 7 weeks of Vietnam. What should I say?! Not easy – because I do not want to hurt anyone.

Vietnam was an absolute adventure trip. The people there: different from the rest in this part of Asia – absolute survivors, capable of enduring on next to nothing. Men – weak like in most poor countries, prone to drinking. Women – they run the country. In charge of everything. Food: good and bad. Everything vegetarian is delicious. A little too much “fermentation” in the meat and sauce preparation for my taste. Fresher would be better but I accept that this is not possible everywhere.

Thailand now (after only a few hours): feels like home to me. Nothing new or exciting. No surprises. Boring, kind of! But not when it comes to food!

I booked a cheap place (“Coconut Club Resort”) at Patong beach on Phuket. My first time on Phuket. Always avoided it because there are billions of tourists here. OK, not only sex-tourists but those that you would expect to see in Brighton or Mallorca or so…Well, it’s for two nights. I have a rental car and will venture about tomorrow to, maybe, find some areas on this island where there are less tourists and life is more real.

Food is the key here (for me). I walked to the local market (closed, of course, but three  restaurants around it).

I chose the one that said “sea food and Thai food”. The other two said: “seafood, Thai food, European food”…and I think I got it right. It looks like the Russians have become big players in this market here. I will find out tomorrow by interviewing some locals…

I ordered some squid in chilli sauce to start with – and as it turned out I did not have to specify that I wanted it the “Thai” (hot) way. It was hot!

As seconds I had the Thai version of Sashimi: raw Tiger prawns with some salad stuff – and a hot, hot sauce…Oh my god! These prawns were fresh!

One thing I like about Thailand is that since many years in the type of restaurants I go to the price for a main seafood dish is on average 150 baht (7.50 Leva) – which, of course, has the downside that more often than not I have two or three main courses…

I just crave the Thai food! The seafood more than anything else (and this is just a very simple restaurant at the market!):

OK, enough for today. I bought some “honey tangerines”, green oranges, small bananas and pineapple on my way from the airport and should eat part of it now before going to bed…

Oh, one difference between Vietnam and Thailand:

I walked here in Thailand only for ten minutes and immediately came across dogs that barked happily and from their heart. At other dogs. No such thing in Vietnam. Dogs there are always subdued. And never looking at you straight and clear. Maybe they realise that they may end up as dinner quicker than expected if they do not behave. I don’t know. But it feels like this.

Even the cat here in Patong had  no problem on top of my rental car. Amazing!


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