Beach time!

Today was quite eventful – in a different way from Viet Nam. Realising that I have to find an alternative to the dump I am staying at and which I booked from far away, I drove along the coasts and beaches in my area. And there are some nice beaches indeed. Have a look:

To look for a pleasant place to stay. But these beaches do not give me much hope, Because they are packed with tourists – at least 80% of them being Russian. Nothing wrong with them. I much prefer them over my Bulgarian tourists (of which I had 3 couples on the plane from Bangkok to Phuket – uzhas!).

I will probably move to a bungalow in the jungle for two or three days tomorrow. No life around there – but a small pool, internet and only Thai people…the beach being 10 minutes away by car…anyway I booked the place for only two days, telling the owner that I should first experience if I like it – and if I do I will extend my stay…

….and tonight, again, was “tom” night. “Tom” as in Thai for shrimp/prawns…Raw ones as a starter, then a mild “Path Thai” with shrimps as a main dish – and a “Tom Yam Kung” as “dessert”…and the Tom Yam was so rich and loaded with lemon grass, galangal, ginger and lime leaves (not to mention the chillies) that every chopstick or spoon full found new “delight-buds” in my  body somewhere…and made me sweat like mad…




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