Nai Yang Beach, Phuket

Today I managed to escape from overcrowded Patong. I drove North along the West and every beach turned out more calm. I stopped at the last one “Nai Yang”. Here starts a National park with a long sandy beach and there are only a few resorts on this stretch – with room prices from 500$ upwards. Not for me :)

Instead I rented the following:

A veritable bamboo hut – right on the beach. No air condition, no warm water – but electricity, a fan, a mosquito net and even a bathroom – which makes it ultra-luxurious. :)

Here is “my” beach:

How long I will be able to endure this simple life I don’t know yet. As I am also not such a beach fan any more. We will see. I am paying by the day. And I still have a good supply of Havana Club from Vietnam (re-bottled in plastic coke bottles). And checked out the neighbourhood store (more a tourist trap, de facto!) where I can buy cold coke and bags of ice.

And this is exactly what I am having right now. At 9 pm I am sitting on my tiny bamboo veranda and listen to the noise of the wind in the palm trees and the waves hitting the beach. In the distance I see lights from fishing boats…and I am the only living being around.

Dinner was a disappointment. A lot of seafood places here but the two I visited had typical tourist food, e.g. the shrimps in chilli paste had no chillies! Hopefully I will find something better tomorrow…as having dinner on the beach can be so enjoyable!

The question now is: to swim or not to swim. Well, there is time for another Cuba Libre to make up my mind.

I don’t remember when I have stayed the last time on a beach – with only the sounds of nature. The wind has gone quiet now – but the sea cannot be ignored! The smashing sound when the waves break and then the following three seconds of “gushing” sound when the wave ebbs off. Every wave with a slightly different sound profile from the previous one… impressive! Powerful beyond stupid human imagination.

By the way, this is the Andaman sea. That was hit hardest by the Tsunami in 2004(?). The Thai are very good people and try to do everything in the best way. At every beach and every resort nowadays there are signs with “Tsunami evacuation routes” leading to higher terrain.

Oh, my neighbours just came home. My only ones. They run a small (unsuccessful) beach restaurant about 20 metres from my hut (no clients but on the expensive side). And theirs is a hut too :) But an illegal one. Built on the public beach. Tomorrow morning I will have a spicy breakfast soup there – after a swim and probably still drenched in salt water. Hehe! Yeah! And I will coach them on how to do business! If they don’t turn out like “Banskalii” who know everything and the last thing they wanted would be advise…

I should say good night now as it is already late but…the WiFi is working (it took the owner 1-1/2 hours today to install a new router and fix it on a bamboo pole to give me internet :) I am afraid, it will last only till the next serious rain…but by then I will be gone…

In addition I still have ice, Havana Club and Coke. And, although I am sitting here in the open in only my swimming trunks at 22:37 pm I am sweating nearly from head to toe. So, I am not in a great hurry to retire…I can start the day lazy, in fact, as I won’t be driving around much :)

And in the morning I will see the damage that the mosquitoes have been doing to me in the last few hours. Who cares! I am a big boy!

Now, off to a swim. Have to take advantage of the high tide we have at the moment. So, the water is 20 yards closer :)

Good night…


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