Still in Phuket Town

My biggest accomplishment today was a leisurely stroll along Rawai Beach

This is a typical Thai spirit house that are located on nearly every property in Thailand. They are not like the shrines in Vietnam to worship the ancestors. They are “dwelling places” for invisible important spirits that are supposed to protect the property. And you better always put flowers, food and drink there – not to make the spirits angry as they are supposedly very capricious.

I also had a beach-front lunch at a place where staff was even more relaxed than I – and it took them quite a while to notice that a new guest had arrived…

All I had was a plate of clams. With a fishsauce-chilli dipping sauce. Now, if that’s not health (and body-shape) conscious :) !

I nearly felt a little guilty that I had nothing for this beach-guard that watched over me while I was relaxing…

Back in my hotel I had a bottle of Chang beer and a little snack with the baguette from yesterday and other food that had accumulated in the fridge.

Then I watched the latest James Bond movie “Skyfall” – but not till the end as I became pleasantly sleepy.

Later I had a disturbing experience. I woke up and my watch showed 6.44. I assumed it was morning and noted that I could have breakfast in about 15 minutes. Hmm. Then I somehow noticed that it was still pitch-black outside. Strange! Maybe something wrong with the watch? I crawled out of bed and turned on the laptop to verify the time. It said: 6.44pm. It took some seconds for the truth to sink in: It was not time for breakfast but I had had an afternoon nap and it was early evening! What now?

After the nap not tired enough to go back to sleep. But also not hungry and definitely not in the mood to go out. So, maybe I’ll turn on the telly and watch some silly films. Or do my favourite crossword puzzle, or finish reading today’s Bangkok Post?

Well, maybe some “Hong Thong” with coke will enhance the decision making process…




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