Back in Bansko!

First, leaving Asia was an emotional challenge. The few days I was in Germany were depressing but I still felt rooted in Asia, which helped. A few hours before leaving for the Frankfurt airport I had the rest of my Vietnamese (?) noodle soup. To hand on to Asia as long as possible. Funny, isn’t it.

One of the most important ingredients for the noodle soup was the “sauce” that I add to every bowl of home-made soup:

Nothing spectacular, really. Freshly chopped garlic, some red hot chillies with their seeds, drowned in (Thai) fish sauce with the addition of a little rice vinegar, black pepper, a little salt and a pinch of sugar…I love this mixture also for “European” soups…

It can get a little bit spicy. And from time to time you feel like a woman in her menopause having heat-waves…

The flight to Sofia was spectacular this time. Already dark and with clear views (and the cabin windows freshly cleaned in addition!) all the lights around Frankfurt after take-off – and a full moon on top – gave a brilliant picture. Very similar when we were approaching Sofia. Of course, this one time I had my photo camera in the bag that I had checked-in :(

The plane was about 20 minutes early, so I was already outside the building when my friend Plamen and his son came to pick me up at 10.15pm. They chauffeured me directly to Plamen’s office (the headquarters of the “Foundation for the Culture of Wine”), where he had prepared and already cooked a rooster from  a village (24 hours marinated and so on).

Old fashioned Bulgarian office…

At midnight two of our mutual friends popped in as they had heard earlier on that I would be arriving. Now things started to become serious and we sat there till 5am when I, as the last man standing, retired to the couch in the real office there.

Yesterday then I had a lot of tasks on my hands and I arrived in Bansko in late afternoon. And immediately went shopping for dog and cat food (and even something for myself :) ).

Having no nerve for cooking I just had a glass of wine and some sandwiches – and took a leg of lamb out of the freezer for today.

In the morning it was foggy and generally not so inviting to go out.

But I went to our little market early – to see what is still in season and to buy some veggies, well no, just potatoes, as the plan was to slow roast a gigot d’agneau for 8 hours with a gratin dauphinois to accompany it.

To re-start the peasant life on a pleasant note.

For the same reason I had called my massage-lady already from Germany to arrange a session for today. And had instructed my boys to turn on the whirlpool on Friday, as it needs a day to heat up. And I had brought some lemon-grass-massage-oil from Thailand to really indulge in happiness…

Not so bad, really.

So, now “dinner for one” is ready. It will take me days to eat all of it – but then…there is no rush..

Till soon in Bansko!





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