Winter is greeting

Barely back in Bansko and the eagerly awaited snow started falling seriously today…

This is the view from my balcony yesterday morning. Way before it started snowing today…


And this is my Pirin Lodge parking late in the night after returning from the newly opened “Axeman’s”.

Yesterday I agreed with my friend Mitko, who runs the best and cheapest car-wash and tyre-service in Bansko (on Glazne road, the one parallel to the river, on the right side,  maybe 200m before the last bridge down), that I would bring my car today at noon to put on the snow tyres. And, of course, it really started snowing today and everybody was in a rush to get their tyres changed. Ten cars in front of me! Well, I managed in the end – but wasted nearly half a day with this simple task.

At Pirin Lodge we also cleaned our parking of snow for the first time this winter season…and today we had the final delivery of heating fuel. We also have huge supplies of dry logs for all the fire places in Pirin Lodge.  So, we are all set for winter – and I am much looking forward to the cold and snow:)))

Especially, because the fresh snow will make hunting wild boar next weekend so much easier, enabling us to track them to their day-time hide-outs…

Today I finally managed to find the new shop open: a store on Glazne street (about 70m up from the “Dinko” butcher shop). They sell home-made Greek stuff from one particular village in nearby, warm Greece. Like extra virgin olive oil at 12 Leva a litre!  I drank/tasted  some and then bought a bottle. Not extremely fruity but a straightforward, all-purpose olive oil with a classic pure and fine taste. This will be my future olive oil as long as I am in Bansko and the shop exists! Much better than anything you can buy in the supermarkets. Highly recommended.

They also have various kinds of natural and spiced olives. I cannot comment because now is not my season for olives and I did not buy any. In addition they offer the Greek version of “tapenade”, olive paste, different kinds from different olives. That I will explore in depth soon.

The other thing I really liked is that they sell mandarins from their Greek farm – at 1 Leva per kg! And they are DELICIOUS. Better than what you can buy on our market – and cheaper in addition!

This Greek shop is definitely the best addition to good life in Bansko that I have come across so far this season…Check it out.

As a “starter” for my dinner (leg of lamp and gratin for the fourth time :) ) I am having some Italian prosciutto crudo, with “shaved” parmesan (ripened 24 months) and the extra virgin olive oil bought today in Bansko. And a young (2011) and cheap (4 Leva) Mavrud from Domaine Sakar that turns out quite drinkable and pleasant if you give it some hours to breath.

Life can be so easy if you stick to the essentials…:)

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