Weekend coming…

So, yesterday we had one of the important Orthodox holidays: Santa Claus day. I call it the “national fish day”. Bulgarians as whole consume more fish on the 6th of December than during the rest of the year. “Inland” it’s mainly carp and “stuffed carp with walnuts” is the traditional version.

I was too busy to celebrate, cooking and looking after the animals as Maria has gone to Sofia. The first chicken soup for my  cats and dogs in more than 3 months.

5kg of chicken carcasses……turn into 17kg of strong, tasty chicken soup

…with about 3l set aside for the chef’s own use…

While the soup was simmering away I worked hard on our Pirin Lodge staff plan for the holidays – with only a few glances from my desk to the outside world…

Tomorrow will be students’ holiday and Bansko has already started to fill up with students from Sofia and wherever – all eager to get pissed over the weekend. Definitely not the time for me to go out. I’ll have a quiet weekend shared between Pirin Lodge and our old house, between the wellness centre and the animals…with a fireplace here and one there…could be worse…:)





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