Getting Ready

Even a big journey starts with a little step. In my case, several.

The apartment is cleaned, so I won’t fall into a depression once I return. And my bags are packed. In about 3 hours I will head off to the Frankfurt airport.

Now I am faced with the last difficult task: to get rid of the remaining food : Smoked salmon, cheese, sausages, eggs, baguette, Bavarian pretzels, milk and a nearly full bottle of a lovely 2008 Rioja Reserve from Guia Real. Well, at least the wine and the salmon won’t go in the bin…I’ll just have to watch out driving to the airport.

I am glad I booked Emirates. Not only do they have the best rating in terms of seat quality and in-flight entertainment, they also allow you 30kg of luggage, in contrast to the 20kg you get elsewhere.

Another big factor for me is that we will have a 3 hour stop in Dubai – at around half-way. I usually get very itchy on these long-haul flights and the last few hours are a nearly unbearable torture for me. To be able to get off the plane after 6-1/2 hours and roam around the Dubai terminal will be a great relief. I’ll be arriving tomorrow evening at around 8 pm local Bangkok time.

Welcome to my first ever blog.

I wonder what got into me. For years I have restrained from starting a blog about Bansko. I did not want the pressure to publish and publish. Life in Bansko is easy and relaxed. And you want to communicate whenever you feel like it – and not because you “have to”.

Well, I suppose the reason I start this now has little to do with Bansko. More with the fact that I will be leaving for a two months adventure trip to Asia tomorrow and I thought this might be the easiest way to stay in touch with my family and friends from all around the world.

And, upon my arrival, to continue with my monologues about the magic and joy (and nerve-wrecking experiences) of living in the blessed Pirin mountains in Bulgaria.

Let’s see what comes out of this. I cannot promise you that all my posts will be sober but I can guarantee you that all of them will be biased :))) Sometimes cynical, sometimes arrogant – but always genuine.

Let the good times roll!