Time for change!

Despite that this blog is called My Bansko I only ever write when I am travelling. This shall change. There is a lot of stuff going on in Bansko. But this is my everyday life and I have been thinking that it will be boring for people to read my views and opinions on our local life. But maybe there will also be some interesting bits from time to time.

Over the last  two years I have slowly but constantly gained weight. And I arrived at the end of the stretch in my clothes. Something needed to be done. But it took me a long time to get my act together. Since Monday now I am on a diet. Atkins diet. Mainly meat and eggs. And only water. We will see how it goes.

This is me, five days before the start of the diet 🙂

On Monday morning the scales said 120.2 kg, with clothes. On Tuesday I was down to 118.5 kg – without clothes :). Yesterday morning at 117.3 kg and today 115.6 kg 🙂 Of course, in this initial diet phase it is the water that leaves the body not the fat. But it is a start.

For at least the next two weeks I will be on the strict form of the diet. Only meat, eggs and a wee bit of green salads. If I can stand it I will continue that phase a little longer. We will see.

The first days are lucky because one of my employees slaughtered a pig and gave me 4kg of the finest meat and sausages. This is my food base for this week.

In addition I was able to buy the most wonderful eggs on the Sunday market. They have a taste like I am sure you enjoyed only few times in your life – if at all. The still have the chicken shit on them 🙂

Interestingly enough, I do not miss the alcohol (yet) after 4 days 🙂