Chiang Mai ?

Basically it is too late to post anything now: 11pm. So, just a few words. I am sitting on my porch in the jungle island with two dogs (like they were mine), drinking “rum and coca cola”, unwinding from a marvelous evening at the night market in Chiang Mai. In fact, unwinding from a fabulous day 🙂

The last days three days since Wednesday evening have been such a culmination of pleasure, laziness and relaxation that I am not sure how this possibly might continue.

Sorry friends, but I cannot continue tonight because now is the time to go to the pool and float in the water listening to the sounds of the jungle animals…see you tomorrow…

“My”  “Lanna” house:

“My” porch (earlier):

“My” porch now (from a dog’s point of view):

“My” pool (the best example for “size does not matter, quality does”!)