The best Asian food?

There are two diametrically different cuisines which I love nearly equally: Japanese and Thai. Japanese is intellectual, striving for perfection in every aspect. The best and freshest product, prepared in a way to preserve and bring out the individual tastes and textures. I adore it as much as classical music.

And then there is Thai cuisine. Fresh produce and a creative and hefty mixture of herbs and spices. Passion! The emotional side of cooking! Of course, I am talking about the simple “People’s food” on the streets and in the small restaurants. There is also something like the “Royal” Thai cuisine with complicated recipes like in the French “haute cuisine”. Absolutely full of culinary delights – but without the passion of the “mass food”. Thai “simple” food rocks.

There are, of course, merits to the other Asian cuisines as well. Every country has its nice dishes. But in summary these two are the ones “made for me”, that I can eat every day from morning till evening without any desire for something else. And as I tend to be a passionate and emotional man myself, it is the Thai cuisine whose power gtives me even more pleasure than the subtle Japanese…