Snacks and Co…

I could publish pictures of food for the rest of my stay in Asia as there is a constant influx of it. Therefore I confine myself to only the tastiest things I encountered. Let me finish the Thai food stuff with a few snacks and so.

Here some crispy bugs. They come in a little bag with separate dipping sauce. For 20 Baht (1 Leva, 0.50€) a bag. My personal favourites are the big grass hoppers to the right and the silk worms in the centre. And I am not kidding. They are good! Just like crisps. A lot depends on the dipping sauce. The one for the grasshoppers I like with chilies.

This is the Thai version of our Bansko “zhlaborini” (crisp pork skin) that we have with the rakia. These munchies here are also freshly made from pork skin:

Peanuts are also a great companion with beer. Here and in many parts of Vietnam they prefer them boiled. At the beginning it takes some getting used to them being soggy and a bit different in taste. But you get the hang of it very quickly and you will find their taste more intense than when they are roasted.

Who could possibly resist these mushrooms wrapped in bacon? Splendid with the beer!

Enough of that eating business now! I am getting hungry…

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