Back to the “Treadmill”…

Since I have come back to my Hanoi home from Thailand the other evening it has been raining constantly. And while I like singing in the rain I don’t like riding a motorbike in the rain, especially in a city with our kind of traffic. So I am confined to my apartment and the closest few shops that I can reach with my mini-umbrella without getting soaked.
The weather frogs expect the rain to continue till Sunday! It’s a bit depressing, really.

But then: always look on the bright side of life 🙂

If things get really dire I could always explore the many massage parlours in my neighbourhood 😉 I have been told they are of the type “for men only”…

When I am on my streets people still look at me like at an exotic animal in the zoo. With my peripheral vision I can even see that they point me out to each other. Well, so be it. At least in three little shops I am a well respected client by now (no wonder since I am a big spender): a milk shop around the corner (milk is quite expensive in Hanoi and not very tasty), a “universal” shop just a few doorsteps away and a door-opening which is the shop of a lady selling eggs and the like.

I bought 10 duck eggs yesterday with the idea to have some for breakfast.

In the end I had only two boiled duck eggs (trung vit lon),  boiling time about 12 minutes,  for breakfast (with greens and ginger):

They were just perfect! In fact, the embryos could have been little bit further developed. I am being told that very few foreigners “dare” to eat this. I hope you don’t think bad of me now that I confess that I adore these eggs…


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