Weekend in Hanoi

I like the weekends in Hanoi. Saturday is like the day to go out, go to the Huan Kiem lake in the centre, have a coffee, watch tourists, fiddle around.

Then maybe a “bia hoi” or two on the street and an easy dinner at home, like one or two Vietnamese spring rolls:

Sunday is “family” day, it seems.

After a quick breakfast

you stroll around the neighbourhood (before it gets too warm, as the rain has finally stopped) to see what’s going on.

Many people are on the streets and  there are a lot of make-shift shops. People have time and chat and, of course, everybody would want to talk to me but that is limited to gesturing.

The local “garage”…

Living room doubling up as fish and poultry shop…


All the spices and extras you might need for Sunday cooking:

Big snails (for a hearty soup):

Vietnamese “oysters”…


A leisurely Sunday dinner of duck, bamboo in duck broth and some rice noodles for the duck soup that is served as “desert” rounds of the day. Life could be worse…


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