Good Day, Sunshine…

What a wonderful Friday! Perfect weather, only 29 degrees. It started with some pleasant human interaction at 7 am and has been building up ever since 🙂

I had some iced coffee on my little side street while my apartment was being cleaned, watching everyday urban life.

Since I complained about the cleanliness last week, they made a big effort this time and I am very happy to have a perfect apartment for the weekend. Alas, they were not finished cleaning when I came back, so I went to the fancy hairdresser in our building for a haircut. Quite expensive: 100.000 Dong for the whole shmere (incl. shampooing…) = 7 Leva, 3.55€. In Razlog,Bulgaria, I pay only 5 Leva but, OK, that’s not the capital. It turned out quite OK. At least the ladies in the shop claimed that I looked handsome 🙂

I also charged my Vietnamese phone as they had a promotion today that you would get double talking tie 🙂

Now I am having a first cuba libre after doing some preparations for lunch. As there are loads of shrimp left I need to do something with them. For a change nothing Asian. Recently I bought some linguine pasta, so it will be linguine with fried shrimps in a tomatoe, olive oil, white wine, garlic, chilie etc. sauce…I better hurry up as it is already 1pm.

Recently internet connections to Europe andAmericahave been very slow and it was next to impossible to post anything here. I am writing this in Word, hoping that I can just copy and paste it. We will see.

I must be cooking now. To be able to enjoy a nap afterwards. To be ready for dinner relaxed and in time. I will be treated to beef steak with potatoes – it will be interesting to see how the Vietnamese can cope with such a cooking challenge :)…

Cooking finished, lunch to be served, internet working now. See you later…


Oh my god! That stuff made me horny:

I could feel my culinary clit swelling somewhere inside of me while I was tossing this around in my mouth. Did I tell you that the shrimps I can get here have an incredibly intense and elegant taste of their own?! Like something completely different from those that we get at home.

Now a nap! Quickly!

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