Bloody bad luck!

The day started out quite nicely – until I decided to have an early lunch at a pleasant garden restaurant “Hanoi Gardens” around the corner from my hotel. Very upmarket, entirely for tourists. I had something simple: fried noodles with seafood. Two and a half hours later the cramps in the stomach set in, together with a serious diarrhoea. I got a thermometer from the hotel and my temperature is at around 39 C. I am sweating and freezing and my brain is like mash.

Tomorrow I am supposed to travel long, long distance. How can I possibly do that when I need a toilet every 5 minutes?! Well, I am applying Frank’s brute force method at the moment – a bottle of Bacardi and Coke, wrapped up in blankets and sweating my soul out. If this does not help I will have to cancel tomorrows travelling and start one day later. That will cost me only 120$ and we might catch up on the timeline by skipping one or the other target. But being a strong farmer from Bansko I just might turn things around in time. With sweat dropping all over on the floor at the moment.

If you ever come to Hanoi, please, do not go to the “Hanoi Garden” restaurant 🙂 I had no problem whatsoever so far, neither with street food nor farmer’s fare. But this place did it for me – and very quickly in addition.

Well, back to bed now and see how things turn out later tonight.

By the way, I found a liquor shop much in the vicinity – and they have an amazing variety of Western booz. A bottle of Bacardi (0.75 l) sells at 15 Leva/DM, cheaper than even in Bulgaria…and it even tastes like the real stuff…

Gotta go…


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