Living the Grand Life

Saturday Evening Delight. The highlight of the week. To dress up and go out to a fancy restaurant! That’s what we did tonight.

The name of the restaurant: “Van Beo”. Location on 198 Thai Ha street, basically on the other side of town from Truc Bach. The best duck restaurant in town.

Saturday traffic at 6pm heavy as always. There is hardly any difference all week round. My, as always, not happy with me as the driver. Of course, I am not Hanoian but I believe I am doing not so bad for a foreigner. But not good enough for her.  I should avoid each and every manhole cover. Which I still can’t manage when I am squeezed in between bikes left and right and cannot swerve. I have already slowed down and am now driving an average of 30 kmh. Still too fast. Well, I guess, she will always be afraid as a passenger. What can I do?

“Van Beo” is the nickname of the owner: Fat Van. Here you see Van presiding over her delicacies. The ladies are laughing because My is just telling them some supposedly funny stories about me…

I am coming to this place now for the third year – and quality has always been constant. They do only duck – and they are always very busy for lunch and dinner. People usually don’t spend more than 15 minutes here – then the next clients are seated. A huge turnover! I am sure Van makes more money with her duck restaurant than many a good chef in Europe.

The Ambiente (the walls are in this “contemporary” green that was much up-to-date in Asia 25 years ago 🙂 )

The “bar”:

My starter: duck blood in duck broth with bamboo…

Duck meat with vegetables on top:

And finally “Bun Ngan”, duck soup with rice vermicelli and bamboo, the standard dish for most of the people who come here:

On the way out I was a I little tempted to go for duck feet as desert.

But I was already stuffed like a Christmas pudding.

At home now I still feel pleasantly bloated with all that duck business.

No food tomorrow! For sure 😉




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