Cultural Differences 1

Every country is different from the others. There are always cultural differences. In some cases they are only minor, in others they are big.

I do not want to go into detail now, because then I would have to specify to whom I compare Vietnam, to Germany, Bulgaria, UK, USA as all these countries are also different from each other.

But let me talk about small, pleasant differences that are visible in everyday life.

For example how the Vietnamese eat oranges. Here oranges have a green skin and a lot more juice than ours. To eat one, you cut it in wedges and separate most of the meat from the skin – from both ends:

Some people (like my My) like to put a little salt on the orange. It tastes actually quite good.

Or bananas. In Vietnam you do not simply peel a banana. That would be Western barbarism. Tradition has it that you break the banana in half – and only afterwards peel it – but peel it always in such a way that you can eat the banana without touching its “meat” with your fingers…

Another curious observation is, that Vietnamese cooks always peel (vegetables, fruit, whatever) by cutting away from their bodies – while Western chefs/people usually peel by moving the knife or peeler towards their body:

There are many little loveable differences like these. Occasionally I will tell you more…

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