I was too slow…

Yesterday I was very happy when My came back from her early morning shopping at 6 am with a bag of fresh prawn. When you refer to “fresh” prawn here it means that they are still alive and wriggling.

My has an allergy against crayfish, so they were all for me…and my plan was to have them for lunch.

My way – which is not exactly Vietnamese. Rather in the old fashioned Japanese way: to eat them RAW.

To take them by their tail and hit their heads against the kitchen counter, to kill them before you rip off their head and shell and devour them after dipping them in a light and spicy sauce…nothing that My would approve of as she is against me eating any raw seafood or meat 🙁

And, alas, I was too slow when noon came. Before I even noticed she had the prawns steamed over beer…

OK, they were quite tasty – but when do I ever have the joy to feast on live prawn?!

The bonus was that she did not use all the beer (a jar of draft beer she had quickly bought at the bia hoi around the corner) and I could finish the rest…

I must make her buy more prawns this week – and keep them away from the lady 🙂

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