Another Vietnamese breakfast staple: “Pho”

“Pho” (pronounced like “faw”) is THE Vietnamese noodle soup. The two main varieties are “pho bo” (beef soup) and “pho ga” (chicken).

Apart from that there are all other kinds of noodle soup variations, usually under the family name “bun”. About bun some other day 🙂

As I have not had “real” pho since last December it was high time to go out and have some for breakfast this morning. Somehow you don’t make pho at home. It is a dish you eat at one of the omnipresent street stalls in Hanoi.

At 7 am we were still in time for a pho. The closest place for pho is around the corner and they offer chicken pho.Two years ago they had a very good one. So, it was my first choice.

That’s part of the restaurant. Notice the chairs 🙂 They are not higher than 20cm – and the size of a small buttock…

The pho itself was a bit disappointing. The quality has gone down. The chicken meat was not the most tender and they economised on the rice noodles.

A bowl of Pho is nowadays between 25,000 and 35,000 Dong (1.05€-1.45€). That is more expensive than a comparable soup in Thailand.

At least it was good “people watching” while we were eating our soup.

Next time we will go somewhere else. There are plenty of other noodle soup “restaurants” to try.

Walking the area at 7 AM is always a joy – and as many people in our little lane know me from the past (such huge beasts like me stick out here) and new ones join them we get stopped for a chat every few yards. And as they are always laughing and looking at me (including My) I sometimes have the suspicion that they make jokes about me 🙂 I hope that Buddha will shield them once I speak the language!




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