Breakfast with the locals…

Breakfast with the locals (and without the lady) – great moments.

Everybody around knows me by now. And when I am on my own everyone tries to look after me, help and support me. When I am with My they expect her to care for me and don’t do anything for me 🙂

Here is today’s breakfast spot:


Their speciality: pork offals 🙂 Here the missus is preparing my plate.

My neighbours:

And the first part of my breakfast:

part of stomach, stuffed guts, black pudding, liver…a variation of greens…a mixture of salt, black pepper and freshly squeezed lime for dipping the goodies…

And a closer shot. Especially the black pudding and the stuffed guts are gourmet highlights…

My immediate neighbour offered me his rakia bottle – and thinking that it would be rather early for that stuff I declined. But he showed me with gestures that I should add some rice brandy to my dipping sauce 🙂 Which I gratefully did 🙂


As a “logical sequence” the chef provided me with a bowl of steamingly hot rice soup to eat after the offals. I pepped it up with some ground chilies and peanuts – and it concluded the “cycle” in a very pleasant way.

I went home stuffed and content. It was a voluptuous breakfast. At 55,000 Dong not for free (2.25€) – but worth every cent of it…

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