Wednesday, 25.11.2015

Skipping dinner last night had some effect.

Weight in the morning: 87.5kg, down from 88.4kg yesterday.

I figure, however, that this marks the end of what most likely was the draining of the water that had accumulated in my body during the last weeks due to my liberal eating and drinking.

I have noted in the past that drinking Coke (regardless of whether it is “Zero”, “Light” or regular) always pushes up my weight. It cannot be the calories and/or carbs because the “Zero” version has neither of them. I suspect that there is some content in the drink that “binds” the water in the body (I know that does not sound very scientific but I have no other idea).

I have been hovering around the 87kg level since the end of August now. No further progress. And I do not expect more these days. Because I am having a good life here. When I am back in Bansko and on my own I will make an effort to get down to my “dream weight” of 80kg.

Breakfast: eggs with smoked pork knuckle

My went shopping yesterday as the weather forecast called for rain till the end of the week – and shopping in the rain is not a joy on motorbike 🙂 She had bought some pork ribs.

One of her favourite dishes is a broth of boiled ribs with vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and the like…which is not really compatible with my diet. As I have only little head-cheese left the good girl sacrificed her ribs and fried them for me for lunch. Crispy and well seasoned! I love them!

Lunch: crispy fried pork ribs with dipping sauce and a green salad

Vietnamese coffee in the afternoon – at home as it is raining outside…

5.30 PM – and lusting for a drink. As I drank the last Ricard the other day the choice is to drink only water or to write today off as a “non-diet-day”  and have some Captain Morgan (not my favourite, but left over from my daughter’s visit) and diet coke…

As I have done well the last days I think I will take a break today 🙂

After 4 rum&cokes I cooked dinner. Beef fillet.

I had to cook it myself, because I like my meat “rare”, very rare, and My would not cook it my way 🙁 Like this:

After that I finished off the tiny rests in two more bottles (Havana Club and Bacardi) with more diet coke.

The scales will break my heart in the morning. I know. But tomorrow is just another day – that I will continue to struggle like the majority of people. So, at least for a short while I will be like the rest 🙂





































































































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