Getting Ready

Even a big journey starts with a little step. In my case, several.

The apartment is cleaned, so I won’t fall into a depression once I return. And my bags are packed. In about 3 hours I will head off to the Frankfurt airport.

Now I am faced with the last difficult task: to get rid of the remaining food : Smoked salmon, cheese, sausages, eggs, baguette, Bavarian pretzels, milk and a nearly full bottle of a lovely 2008 Rioja Reserve from Guia Real. Well, at least the wine and the salmon won’t go in the bin…I’ll just have to watch out driving to the airport.

I am glad I booked Emirates. Not only do they have the best rating in terms of seat quality and in-flight entertainment, they also allow you 30kg of luggage, in contrast to the 20kg you get elsewhere.

Another big factor for me is that we will have a 3 hour stop in Dubai – at around half-way. I usually get very itchy on these long-haul flights and the last few hours are a nearly unbearable torture for me. To be able to get off the plane after 6-1/2 hours and roam around the Dubai terminal will be a great relief. I’ll be arriving tomorrow evening at around 8 pm local Bangkok time.

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