From Hue to Danang


Due to too much rain the transition from Hue to Danang was kind of floating 🙂 In any case, no cultural programme today. Well, not quite true because I carry my ethnic studies out without a pause…

A last visit to the Hue market in the morning and to buy some fruit for the trip.

…different kinds of garlic…

And “roots” en masse. The basis for a many a good curry and other delicacies:

I am afraid that these Vietnamese tomatoes are just as tasty as our Bulgarian ones – whether I/we like it or not 🙁

Just look at the figs in the centre. When I touched one of them, considering to buy some, they were as hard as stones. They cook them with meat (and probably for a long time). In any case I have never seen them on display together with fruit – and this collection of stuff in the photo also looks like the ingredients for a kind of sweet and sour Vietnamese dish…Here, the department for the lazy people. You want to cook something special tonight? Buy the ready sauce and just fry the meat or fish for a minute… 🙂


My hotel choice in Danang was a lucky pull. In the centre of Danang but in a local area (no tourists), a Vietnamese “business hotel”, impeccably clean, huge bathroom – and in contrast to the last two days in Hue: flaming internet!  And all of this for 17$ a night! And great staff!

I always interview the hotel staff and everybody else who crosses my way about the best places in town for different kinds of Vietnamese “fast food” dishes. Tonight the lady at the reception gave me the most convincing recommendation, so I took her up on it and had a taxi take me there.

“Ong Ta” on Nguyen Chi Thanh street. And I am glad I went there. They make the meanest Bun Cha Ca that has hit my taste buds so far. A symphony of crisp freshness from the veggies and the meat and mean power and structure from the addition of chillies, garlic and shallots in vinegar, lime and fish sauce…and only 20000 Dong (1.50 Leva) ! The owner asked me if I found the price OK 🙂 I did not play any games, because I felt honoured that they did not overcharge me as a foreigner. So I just thanked her again and tried to show her through signs how much I had liked the Bun Cha.

Now I should find a way to bed as I have to get up at 4am to catch my 6am flight from Da Nang to Da Lat. Uzhas! In addition it’s only eating and sleeping that distracts me from cigarettes. Today has been the fourth day without them! …

I will be in touch from cold Dalat in the highlands – I hope…


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