(Not-so-)Easy Rider in Dalat

By idling around this morning I managed to keep myself busy till 6am, hehe, and I was the first client in the breakfast room. Despite a nice Asian breakfast selection, for the first time on my trip I opted for a Western breakfast: toasted French baguette with butter, fried bacon and sausages, fried  potatoes – and scrambled eggs from the egg-station.  That was a pleasant interlude. Tomorrow I’ll go for the Asian again 🙂

Then I walked over to the market where I had discovered various motorbike rentals yesterday.  I could not find the man with whom I had agreed on something for today, so I just picked the next best place. A lady, doing her rental business with 4 motorbikes while sitting in a café and chatting with friends. We agreed on 5$ for a day.

Three minutes later I was on my way, surrounding the central lake:

And then to explore the hills and valleys of Dalat. Somehow I got lost many times and had to turn back after arriving at some dead-end point.

The whole area is full with green houses, where they grow mainly flowers.

And what was listed as “Sights” in the guide maps, like “The Valley of Love”, turned out to be amusement parks for romantic Vietnamese. Oh my god!

I’d rather visit places like this cemetery instead…


I got lost in a vast residential area that, however, had only one entrance/exit – and after I reached the far end I had to turn back – at which time the engine shut itself off, and the starter pretended not to have any electricity and refused to work. So, I had to push the bloody bike – and hopefully to find a garage to get it fixed. How nice, because exactly at this moment it also started to rain. Well, twenty yards ahead there was a rescue sign in the form of an ad for noodle soup. I pushed the bike there as quickly as possible and fled to a dry plastic chair under the roof. One Pho noodle soup later it was still raining cats and dogs. So I ordered a beer which I drank slowly – and another one.  After an hour or so the rain became very light and decided to make a move.

Some people from neighbouring houses had watched my whole dilemma – and now stepped outside to point me in the direction of a motorbike repair shop very close by. I pushed the bike there and before asking for help I gave the starter a final try – and, surprise, the engine turned on. No stopping me now!

On the way back to the centre I took only one wrong turn (or maybe two) – but I did not mind. It was raining only lightly now – and despite that I was dripping wet it did not feel so wet somehow.

Now I am taking a little rest at my hotel, new clothes, a shower etc. before heading out one more time to make the best use of Dalat….


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