Good bye, Vietnam! Thank you for having me.

This morning I left controversial Vietnam that gave me pleasure, upset me, made me happy and also sad – but never left me untouched.

And I parted in style. I went to the fancy Bobby Chinn fusion restaurant after all.

To get rid of my usual shyness I had to revert to some Mojitos…they did their job quite properly…notice the morning-glory-stem instead of a straw 🙂

Well, it was not my fault that they had Bollinger champagne not only on the menu but also cold in the fridge! Since my motto is: “mit mir trinke ich am Liebsten” (or: I, myself, am my favourite drinking companion) I could not resist.

I had various things to eat – but can’t remember properly what it all was. It was good, no doubt. But not mind boggling.

Somehow, the champagne ended too quickly (as always) and I had to rinse my system with a few gin & tonics:

The youngsters behind the bar turned out to be some extremely nice people from the country. We had great philosophical and general discussions till late … and they even hailed a taxi for me on the streets to make sure that I would get home OK.

Oh, and somehow the bill amounted to about 8,000,000 Dong, by far the biggest amount I have spent in Vietnam in one go 🙂 Yeah!

To my surprise I woke up at 6 am – which gave me time to have breakfast in peace and get packed so I could head to the airport at 8 am.

Now I am in Thailand. Phuket. At Patong beach. And it’s 6.30pm – pitch dark and time for dinner. So I will stroll out now to see what the street vendors offer 🙂

See you guys 🙂


Ein Gedanke zu „Good bye, Vietnam! Thank you for having me.“

  1. well done frank and not a cigarette packet in site BRAVO !

    bansko now getting busy with traders bringing there stock for season,No Snow but cold.
    Bye for now

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