Phuket City continued…

That’s a picture of the pool, taken last night from my balcony. Not so big but quite pleasant – and no people…

Also forgot to post a photo of the crab with young mango that I took home from the weekend market and had as a snack at midnight (this is only half of it):

Spicy, spicy…

And here the surprise package. It contained fermented sausage (like I also had it in Vietnam) – a great snack with a beer (also not so bad with Mekong Whisky)…

That concluded a heavy evening – and when I went to bed I did not even switch off the lamps…

Today I stayed in Phuket town all day. After some soaking in the pool and reading the papers I ventured out to find the fresh produce market in the old part of town. That was a task as the market was hidden away on some back streets and the sun was burning down. The assumption was that around that market would be loads of food stalls where I could buy a little something for lunch. When I finally found the market I realised I was not hungry at all (after last night and the pork/rice soup for breakfast), so, the only thing I bought was a bunch of tiny bananas for 1 Lev/DM.

Here is the ice-man, delivering ice cubes with his motorbike truck to some shops:

And here an impressive business-building from the old days (Chinese architecture, of course):

Oh, I also picked up some aloe vera juice for detoxing and refreshing my body…good boy!

I promise, this won’t become a habit 🙂

I had some more soaking in the pool and even a nap 🙂

Earlier on I had checked the internet for more info about Phuket City and found out that they have a food night market not so far from my hotel. After waking up from my nap at 6.15 pm I felt capable of a small dinner. The food night market is in “Chinatown” – I do not know if they have such a thing but I call everything Chinatown where you have to pass through such kind of gates, no matter where in the world it is:

I walked around the whole place to check out the different stalls. A lot of chicken and pork around but not so much seafood. I settled for a place where the stuff on display looked rather fresh and staff was not too aggressive touting people.

What did I have? Squid, of course. Like every day…

…and it was so tender that it nearly “melted” in my mouth – like the shishcheta I had bought on the Nai Yang market the other day.

I have been eating squid nearly every day – I also ate it a lot in Vietnam. Boring you might think. But there is some reasoning behind it. OK, I really like squid – obviously. But the other reason is that Thailand is the biggest producer of farmed shrimp, prawn and whatever you want to call this shellfish stuff (followed by the Mekong delta in Vietnam) . So, the shrimp you get in any restaurant are most likely (98% likelihood) farmed. Much the same applies to fish. A lot of farmed fish around. Only in the South of Vietnam there is more farmed fish than here.

Squid, however, to my knowledge, is not farmed yet. So it’s real and from the sea. That’s why I like it even more…Bansko peasant attitude…

The only exception on this trip was the central Vietnam coast (Hoi An)…where there is no breeding but only “honest” fishing and the supply of seafood is limited…and “real”…

Having said that I felt like having another one of those expensive Thai beers and walked around some more. To be lured by a Malaysian looking tout who looked at my swollen belly and said: “OK, maybe just have a drink”…hehe.

I had another Chang beer – and a portion of raw prawns in fish sauce to go with it:

Pure fire and brimstone! Difficult to decide whether it was purgatory or purification. Of course, it turned out to be purification 🙂

After these encounters I strolled back to my car and saw a “Coffee Lovers” local coffee shop. And decided to try the ice coffee in Thailand. In Vietnam I paid anything from 0.75 Leva/DM to 1.50. Here the cheapest price for iced coffee is 70 Baht= 3.50 Leva!. I had checked other places in Phuket before – and 95% of the ice coffee here is made with instant “Nescafé”. Anyway, at the “coffee lovers'” it was made from real coffee and cost 80 Baht (4 Leva). But, as expected, it had nothing in common with the gorgeous Vietnamese version.

To my big pleasure I met a lady in the café that heard me talk to the waitress/shop owner. She came to join me at the bar and it turned out she was Vietnamese from Saigon, working in one of the most expensive hotels here. We had a great conversation, both of us feeling like stranded Vietnamese and talking about the virtues and good things in “our” country 🙂 Hehe.

All in all I had a VERY relaxed day – as it should be towards the end of a holiday…the plan for tomorrow will hopefully come about during breakfast – which will be rice soup with fish. Funnily enough the staff in my hotel is very keen on finding out the day/night before what you are planning to have for breakfast 🙂 Chinese hotel, as I said! I noticed that immediately. They just do not want to spend money unnecessarily.

I think at the moment they do not have more than 20 guests. And they offer 3 or 4 breakfast options. And they want to know in advance how many people would want toast or/and eggs etc. to buy the precise quantities necessary. This morning I noticed that they had prepared the exact number of coffee/tea cups to match the number of guests.

Yesterday afternoon I watched one girl in the lobby re-filling their little plastic amenity bottles with shampoo and shower gel from two big containers with a syringe 🙂 That’s 200% Chinese! Not that some of my hotelier friends in Bansko would not do that also 🙂

Here I have a big fridge – and it’s full with the things I acquired: bananas, a big pineapple, still some crabs, milk, coke, Mekong Whisky, limes, and on top of it a big sour-dough baguette I  bought for crazy money today. Most likely I will never eat those things as I am not that hungry when at the hotel. Maybe tomorrow I will have to sport a “day at home” to eat the many things and drink some beer and have those funny fish snacks I bought recently…

But now it is 11 pm – and very late for a Bansko/Vietnamese country boy and I should go to bed. But then: I would like to have a swim in the pool before breakfast – but the pool opens only at 8 am – and I wake up at 5.30am and have to force myself to stay in bed till 7am. But longer I cannot endure…And then breakfast and the pool later…Life is tough!

Do utre!










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