Back in Asia

The most dreaded part of the trip went smoother than expected. After 18 hours I arrived “back home” in Bangkok. And, needless to say, I immediately ventured out for some Thai food 🙂 Which was not as easy as I had thought as the road from my hotel to the village of Lat Kabang was flooded and it took artistic tiptoeing (and wet feet) to get there.

OK, I was not really hungry having two full meals on the two legs of the flight but I hadn’t been to Thailand in nearly two years. No choice.

There are quite a few places next to each other – and never any foreigner, only local people.

The restaurant of today’s choice

Of course, being the extremist that I am known for, I went full blast. For a Som Tam salad as a starter. And when they asked how I wanted it I said “phet-phet” (hot-hot). Originating from Isaan, Eastern Thailand, this innocuous looking salad from shredded green papaya (and some seafood in my case) purifies your heart, soul, brain and every other organ in your body – if you manage to eat it.

After one third into it my mouth had become a separate entity of my body, isolated and in flames. After the second third the hotness had spread to my whole system and it was like all my nerves were directly hooked up to some high voltage electricity. After a short break and another bottle of Chang beer the third part became pure harmony – me finally being in a stage of enlightenment!

The last thrid of my ultra-hot salad with seafood.

To round things off I ordered a (comparatively) mild pork soup with pig offals and cooked blood. What a delight!

Can food be like a drug? What a question. Of course! But maybe not for everyone, I guess.

Now the time has started when I will be wetting my pants all the time. The reason is that due to the humidity here (and the lack of tablecloths) water condensates on the outside and bottom of glasses with cold beer and when you lift the glass to drink the water will drip on your pants on the way of the glass to your mouth. Inevitable. Part of Asian life!

A great start. Tomorrow I will conquer Hanoi.

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