Last day in Phuket

Time for a change – my last one before going back to Europe. Time flies when you are having fun…tomorrow I will be moving to Surin Beach.

At 7am I had my rice-soup breakfast (with pork today), afterwards I idled around because it poured heavily.

My “Chinese” lobby 🙂

…and the dining area:

When it stopped raining I engaged in driving slowly through the non-touristic areas of Phuket Town, without a goal, stopping here and there, getting out of the car here and there, walking around, watching, registering. And you know what: after my shocking start on this island in one of the busiest tourist centres I have ever been to in my life this Phuket Town is growing on me. No beach, no fuzz – and many areas with only local life.

My roaming around also brought me to the food night market – surprisingly at lunch time 😉 And there were even a few stalls working. Not that I was hungry in any way. But out of curiosity I looked at a menu that an elderly lady presented to me. There were some interesting things on it. Well, maybe a light snack would not hurt. So I sat down inside the deserted market and the woman brought me a chair with arm rests.

…and a little later some raw prawns with chillies and fish sauce with some shredded cabbage and carrots. These are “white prawns” from Australia – and nowadays very successfully farmed in Thailand. Two years ago they were not on the Thai market yet.

The red stuff you see on the photo is NOT carrot (that’s underneath the prawns) 🙂 Such a light snack – better even than to be on a diet – no calories whatsoever…

My plan was to drive all the way over to Patong tonight to the restaurant where the first two nights on Phuket I had had the best seafood so far on this island. Until today! So, I won’t drive but will go back to this “restaurant”.

They are not really modest at “Goheng”:

“Thaifood – Seafood – Bestfood – Deliciousfood” – and “We are Best in the area”. Hehe.

And they really have interesting seafood preparations on the menu that you cannot find everywhere. And, even better, they have small and big portions of everything. I love that. It will give me the chance to try more different things. Just the way it should be.

So, the plan is to take a little rest now (it’s 3.30 pm), then go to the pool – and then at 5 pm to go for a 2-hour Thai-massage to a spa near the food market that I checked out today. Where the ladies are not beautiful but seemingly experienced masseurs and prices rather reasonable. That should make me fit for a long seafood session at 7pm…

I will save this now without publishing and continue tonight…

Just back from a successful mission at 9.15 pm. Everything worked out perfectly. My two-hour Thai massage (20 Leva) turned out as good as I had expected and I can still feel some muscles that I had forgotten that I have,

The seafood “mom”  from lunch saw me coming with her hawker’s eyes when I was still a mile away. And her smile was broader than an elephant’s ass. Obviously she had hope that I would make her family’s day 🙂

As I did not want to disappoint her believe in me I immediately ordered something light. According to the menu: steamed squid in lemon soup. Small portion and no rice, please.

Followed by something even lighter: green mussels steamed with Thai basil, lemongrass and galangal.

..small portion, of course. This is my first trip to Thailand where I  have come across green mussels. Checking wikipeda I found out that they originated in New Zealand. They look (and taste) nice:

After a little break I ordered some shrimp in roasted chilli paste:

That was the moment when the whole staff started to glance at me sneakingly.

Since after the shrimps I still had too much beer left to leave I ordered a Tom Yum Talay (a spicy mixed seafood soup – and as Tom Yum Gung (with prawns) one of the most famous Thai dishes around the globe. With an amazing aroma. One has to try it to understand what I am talking about.

By now I was the centre of attention for the whole restaurant (staff and guests) 🙂 What can I do? Do you think I do this for fun, eh? It’s all part of my research into the effect of different seafood on the shape of people’s bellies! Serious scientific business!

When I paid my bill and left, the whole crew was lined up to greet me good-bye. Hehe. I am sure they would recognise me even some years from now should I come back. Not too many clients like me. Also very few long-noses that would soak up all the chilli supplies on the table in zero time and ask for more 🙂

Another excuse for going a little overboard was that I will be moving to Surin Beach tomorrow and I don’t know what food will be expecting me there…

Good night, my friends, I have to take my digestion break now 🙂

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