Surin Beach, Phuket Island

Last night there was a very heavy thunderstorm that continued a long time. But my last sunrise in Phuket Twon was beautiful:

Instead of fiddling around I left the town already at 10:30am and drove slowly to my last destination: Surin Beach, one of the first two “beaches” on this island, visited for the first time by king Rama VII in 1928.

This being the end of my holiday, I decided to spend a bit more on my last hotel. It’s not a luxury resort – but a local  version of Pirin Lodge, with caring owners where attention to detail is paid. If you want to see it on tripadvisor it’s: Pen Villa, Surin Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

Here is the view from my room:

After settling in I went to the small crowded but somehow charming beach. Alas, I forgot to take my camera. Which may have been a fatal mistake because the weather forecast is worse than bad and it may have been my only chance to take some pictures there.

I was a bit worried what food I would be able to find in that tourist area. But the owners of the hotel shared their favourite local restaurant with me –  only a few kilometres inland from the sea. And my concern turned into enthusiasm! Exactly my Thai cuisine! A terrific discovery! They know exactly what they are doing.

Every table well set-up:

And the food? Simply gorgeous! For me it was the first time in the last three years in Thailand when I did not have to add ANY spices etc to the dishes!!! Look at this “crispy catfish in spicy chilli sauce – with the green pepper, the lime leaves and the rest! A “burning delight” 🙂

It’s rare to find the combination of green pepper and chilli in a Thai fish restaurant. But for me it’s the best. One of the reasons why I would always include Hua Hin in my Thai travel plans was because I had this one restaurant where the chef stunned me without end – and she used a lot of green pepper with nearly everything fishy. In fact it took me years that she was indeed a man…but that’s Thailand, no problem. Two years ago he/she disappeared from the restaurant and the owner’s explanation was more than vague. Tonight was the first night since then that I experienced a similar cuisine!!! Shit! I should have come here earlier!

Especially since they are only open for dinner – and I have only two more nights here.

When I ordered what on the menu was called “head fish soup” and quite expensive (5 Leva) the boss told me that it would take a while (it least that’s how it came across with my limited Thai) No one is speaking any English in this restaurant but they had one to translate at least part of the menu into English 🙂  And the menu is very limited. Which I like a lot!This soup was so hot that sweat was dripping off my head and hair onto my ears, neck and shoulders – but it was also so rich in concentrated taste that I could not put my spoon down for a second! Like a drug.

What a great conclusion of a holiday! The next two nights I will be eating there for sure.

While having dinner another thunder-shower set in – fortunately, there was a rooftop – and even right now back at the hotel it’s still raining…

Soon, when they will switch off all the exterior lights I will sneak to the pool to skinny-dip 🙂 Does not make sense to wear any swimming trunks if it is raining 🙂 Or what do you think?

And if the weather gods permit I will share some photos of that lovely beach with you tomorrow.

Good night…




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