Goodbye Asia

This will be my last blog entry from Asia. In about an hour I will drive to the Phuket airport from where I will fly to Bangkok and later via Dubai to Frankfurt.

The last few days were devoted to relaxing and eating. Unfortunately, it has been raining quite a bit (like it is raining also now).

But it is still very pleasant. I am sitting on a little terrace in front of my room door and see the pool.
Despite the rain I feel good just to look at it – in fact, I was just swimming in the rain in it 10 minutes ago.
I am very happy at this hotel. It’s not so big – and the people who own it are very nice and run it very properly. They also offer eating here – and it smells very nice – but I need the seafood!
The nearby Surin beach is small and not too crowded:
Someone asked me if I prefer Vietnam or Thailand. My tip of the tongue reply was: both countries are different. For me Thailand is like an old lover. I know her for so long. We meet occasionally and I feel at home and comfortable in her arms. And the passion she shows to me in the way of her foods turns me on. Vietnam, on the other hand, is a completely new experience – and alone because of this is more exciting for me. Vietnam is not as charming and seducing as other SE Asian countries when you meet her for the first time. But that holds a certain attraction too.
Well, all things good or bad come to an end. So, I am bracing myself for cold Europe. We will see what it holds in store for me…

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