Northern Thailand

Sorry, but I had to hit the “fast forward” button. Yesterday morning in Hanoi my leg was of course much more swollen than even anticipated – but with a lot of moaning and groaning and pain killers I made it to Bangkok and then to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

After hopping into my rental car and ready to drive off the airport I realised that my carefully pirated 2013 street map of Thailand could not get unlocked by my satnav. Welcome to Thailand! Without a map! Well, not to overbore you, in the end I made it to the little “escape” near Bosang where I had spent an incredibly good time with Maria three years ago. This will be the base for the next two weeks. I have made only a few pics so far, because my leg hurts like hell.

But as today the weather was half rainy, half sunny I came back from an excursion into the Mae Sa valley at 3pm

and back home I used the pool for moving my leg around 🙂 To my great luck, Peter, the owner of the place, suffers from severe back pain (now, that sounds really awful, doesn’t it?!) and has Voltaren tablets that he shares with me. And I am sitting here now in the dark of night in front of our bungalow, after naked gymnastics in the pool for the leg, listening to the jungle noises, and my only pain are the occasional stings of those few nasty mosquitoes that don’t shy away even from Bulgarian alcoholics…and sipping “Sang Som” with coke. Sang Som (a so-called “Mekong-whiskey”) has overtaken the competition over the last ten years in terms of quality and is now much better than it’s arch-rival “Maekong” (just for your education 😉 )

Good night and sleep tight! I, myself, feel very relaxed here “at the border” of civilization.

Till “mañana“,





Rider on the street…

Today was the first rainy day. So, walking about did not look very promising. I decided on a reading day instead. I even got out my Vietnamese text book 🙁 But that is absolutely hopeless. No chance to learn any of the language without a teacher next to you!

Running out even of milk and water I utilised the opportunity when it stopped raining around 4 pm to hop on my motorbike and ride to the centre. Last year I had found a very decent liquore store there. The difference now was that I was on a motorbike, squeezed in between other thousands of motorbikes that change speed and direction all the time! Well, I got lost quite a few times. And when I was finally close to my goal my bike slipped on one of the many wet manhole covers (while changing direction) – and there I was sprawled all over the street. Shite! Too cocky and too self-confident as mostly. Mr. Superdriver who knows it all! I probably needed that lesson! Fortunately, the Vietnamese are compassionate and great people – and while I was still struggling to get up, some pedestrians had already stepped on the street, lifted and turned off my bike and kept the monumental wave of bikes and cars that was moving in from behind from simply overrunning me 😛 Fortunately, I managed to “slide” the bike softly onto the street – protecting it with my left leg…no damage to the bike at all – but my leg looks a little bruised. My knee will probably be twice its regular size tomorrow morning.

I wish I had my ex-Maria here. She could make me her world-famous bandage with raw potatoes and I would be back in perfect shape tomorrow morning 🙂

So, I have to take it as it comes. Like the disappointment that the liquor store had no Havana Club, only Bacardi. Good, that I have become humble and modest.

I need to do a little ironing still as I will be leaving for a two week stint in Thailand tomorrow morning – and have been changing shirts at a very high rate. The rest is already packed, as I won’t need much for two weeks. There it won’t be Cuba Libre but rather Mekong “Whiskey” with coke 🙂 I hope that the Thai chili diet will get rid of any swellings in my body quickly – hey, wait a moment on second thoughts…

Maybe I will try to get some cream for my knee at the pharmacy in my little street. The Vietnamese granny there does not seem to speak any languages, however. It will be interesting with what ointment I will come home after a series of two-sided misunderstandings 🙂 Life sometimes is not only a “song” but can even be a challenge 🙂 But a great one 🙂 I love every moment of it…